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                                 How Are Solar Panels Made - The 4 Basic Steps in Making a Solar Panel

At the most basic level, there are four main steps in making a solar panel, also known as a solar module. Using molten polysilicon to grow crystals or cast blocks of polycrystalline silicon is the first step.

The second step is precision cutting and polishing the material into thin, smooth wafers.

The third step involves chemically treating the wafer. This is referred to as "doping." The doping creates a negative side, a positive side and a negative/positive junction core semiconductor to carry the electrons. Then an antireflective coating and electrical contacts are added to turn it into a solar cell.

The last step involves connecting the solar cells together with conductive materials, covering them with glass, enclosing the perimeter in an aluminum frame and adding an electrical junction box which carries the positive and negative electrical leads.

There it is, the 4 basic steps in making a solar panel.

By: Rick Contrata

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